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Aluminum components.
At scale.

Setting the new standard for fabricating complex aluminum components with our innovative Stack Forging™ process, from prototype to production.

Aluminum Parts Manufacturing Process
Our Process

Alloy's Stack Forging™ Process

Alloy’s aluminum fabrication process enables customers to improve product performance without increasing costs or compromising on material properties. We can produce complex components that are difficult or impossible to make with conventional manufacturing methods.

What Sets Us Apart

Our semisolid diffusion process yields cost-effective parts, reducing material usage and simplifying manufacturing, thus saving time and money. Rapid iterations obviate specialized molds, facilitating swift production of intricate prototypes for real-world application. Our unique feedstock, with exceptional material properties, crafts prototypes and finished products. 6061 aluminum guarantees utmost strength, integrity, and durability.

Custom Manufacturing for the Brands you Trust

Industries We Serve

We can help with new product development, high volume production, and onshoring.

Aluminum Parts Manufacturing for E-Mobility
Aluminum Parts Manufacturing for Heavy Equipment
Heavy Equipment
Industrial Products

Here are just a few of the benefits you get with our Stack Forging process:

Superior Material Properties in Aluminum Parts Manufacturing
Superior Material
Alloy’s unique 6061 aluminum feedstock has a thermal conductivity that’s higher than wrought Al 6061. It’s composition is fully dense and engineered for optimal strength.
Complex Components in Aluminum Parts Manufacturing

Our manufacturing capabilities include producing precision components designed to your exact specifications, ideal for complex geometries and thermal management applications.

High-Volume Aluminum Parts Manufacturing
Scale for
High Volume

One of the many benefits of partnering with Alloy is our capacity to fabricate high throughput up to 20,000+ parts/year.

6061 Aluminum Parts Manufacturing

What Sets Us Apart

Alloy supplies fully dense 6061 components designed and manufactured to your exact specifications, perfect for complex geometries.  With our customizable design, quick turn iterations, reduced assembly, and optimal performance you can accelerate time to market with a faster product launch.

Measuring Excellence

Measuring Excellence Our unique process is scalable, cost-effective, and sustainable.



Pounds of
Aluminum Used



How Can We Help?

We’d love to talk with you about how Alloy can help solve complex aluminum component challenges.