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Aluminum Additive has Arrived

Alloy Enterprises’ novel additive manufacturing system provides high throughput of fully-dense parts, enabling manufacturers to scale from prototyping to production.

The Next Generation Contains No Powders

Inspired by laminated object manufacturing, selective diffusion bonding uses sheets of aluminum to build parts layer-by-layer without any adhesives. The feedstock material is safe for operators to handle, can be stored as easily as traditional stock, and is infinitely recyclable.

Why us?

Design Freedom

Precision cutting and a full support strategy gives engineers freedom to create complex geometries with overhangs & internal channels.

Accurate Parts

Isothermal bonding means no warping, ensuring that your parts will be made accurately and reliably.

Fast Cycle Times

From file to part our process is up to 25X faster than existing additive technologies, allowing for rapid iterations and production level throughput

Our Process

The New Era of Additive Manufacturing

Multi-part Packing

Reach production throughput via optimized build volume packing

Limited Post-Processing

Obtain your final parts without the use of band saws or specialized machining equipment


Additively manufactured parts with the density and bulk properties of bar stock

Established Alloys

Achieve end-use parts with known material properties and composition, such as 6061

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