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Get the aluminum components you need. Faster.

Take the lead and stay ahead of your competition with Alloy’s Stack Forging™ digital fabrication process and accelerate your time to market.

Your project can’t afford delays.

Don’t let design complexity and long lead times hold you back.  You need a development partner you can rely on.

Explore the complex designs fabricated with Alloy’s Stack Forging process. 

What Sets Us Apart

Our semisolid diffusion process yields cost-effective parts, reducing material usage and simplifying manufacturing, thus saving time and money. Rapid iterations obviate specialized molds, facilitating swift production of intricate prototypes for real-world application. Our unique feedstock, with exceptional material properties, crafts prototypes and finished products. 6061 aluminum guarantees utmost strength, integrity, and durability.

Custom Manufacturing for the Brands you Trust

We care about your success.

Our team of experts is ready to help you find the best solution for even the most demanding applications. 
We’ll help guide you every step of the way from prototype through production.

Thermal Management
Electronics Cooling
Fluid Handling & Structural

You don't have to compromise

on performance for cost.

Our Stack Forging process is scalable for both large and small volumes with unlimited design changes and no minimum order required. We make it easy to work with us, here’s how:

Measuring Excellence

Measuring Excellence Our unique process is scalable, cost-effective, and sustainable.



Pounds of
Aluminum Used



How Can We Help?

We’d love to talk with you about how Alloy can help solve complex aluminum component challenges.