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Alloy Enterprises is an aluminum parts manufacturer that provides a suite of solutions for E-Mobility, Heavy Equipment, Industrial Products, and Semiconductor Equipment along with Thermal Management applications.

By Industry

We’re transforming how aluminum parts are made. Our Stack Forging™ manufacturing process disrupts the multi-year lead time, limitations, and high upfront cost of traditional methods.


Our unique selective diffusion bonding process produces complex aluminum components for electrification, ideal for lightweighting and cooling.

Heavy Equipment

We offer durable high-strength parts ideal for the heavy equipment industry including agricultural, construction, and HVAC machinery.

Industrial Products

With Alloy’s process, you get the best of both worlds—the flexibility of superior material properties and the geometric complexity of wrought to build lightweight components.

Case Studies

Discover how Alloy helped a customer realize higher functionality, optimized performance, and cost reduction by eliminating worry about offshore supply chain risk.

By Application

Alloy is setting the new standard for the future of aluminum manufacturing.
Aluminum Parts Manufacturer for Thermal Management Solutions
Thermal Management

With Alloy’s thermal management solutions you get customizable design, quick turn iterations, reduced assembly, and optimal thermal performance.

Aluminum Parts Manufacturer for Cold Plates
Cold Plates

Our custom aluminum cold plates balance flow, pressure drop, and temperature with complete internal channels designed for optimal thermal conductivity.

Aluminum Manufacturer for Aftermarket Parts
Aftermarket Parts

Alloy meets lightweighting and cooling needs.  Our aftermarket components help customers cut costs and enable high throughput with product longevity.

Case Study: Aluminum Parts Manufacturer Cold Plate

Case Study

Read our Cold Plate case study to learn more about a real-world example of how Alloy partnered with a customer on a development project.

How Can We Help?

Our team has solutions for the complex aluminum component challenges your organization is facing.